About Us

SUPA MODERN® offers premium products that add coziness to everyday life.

SUPA MODERN® was founded with the mission of creating high-quality products to bring home comforts to our customers. Our innovatively designed products offer pain relief, add relaxation, and make your home settings more functional and enjoyable.

Founded by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs from the Household Products Industry, SUPA MODERN® operates on the factory-to-consumer (F2C) business model, where we bring quality products directly from the manufactures to our customers. This shortened supply chain results in faster R&D and manufacture time, lower end prices to consumers, and higher profit margin for our manufactures – a win-win setting for every party involved.

With more than 200,000 satisfied customers, SUPA MODERN® has a proven track record of creating high quality, and effective products. SUPA MODERN® is a brand that we will only put on products that we are proud of and would use in our own homes. All of our products carry 2-year warranty with 30-day free return. You can shop SUPA MODERN® products with confidence for adding comforts to your everyday life!